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Mistakes made by new home buyers in Naples

March 20, 20235 min read

What are the most common mistakes made by first time home buyers in Naples, Collier, and Lee counties?


Once you found a home you want to purchase in Naples what are the common mistakes buyers make?

1) Reliance on how things were done where they lived before moving to Florida.

Naples, Collier and Lee counties have many new families moving to Florida and purchasing a home. They are use to the home buying practices they encountered in the state from which they moved. Many people think they are the same. They are not. Many of the requirements that are needed in order to purchase and insure a home in Naples are different and in fact even strange to the new buyer. This often causes problems for them when they go to close on their home and they find out they can't because they didn't have the correct inspections done and they find out they cannot get insurance.

2) The buyer thinks the government will make sure the house is in good condition.

Many cities and towns in other areas of the country provide government inspectors that inspect a home before the house can be sold. The buyer in those areas has some confidence in the condition of the components of the home they are buying. Florida does not have any government inspectors. Each individual buyer must rely on there own knowledge or hire a Florida state licensed home inspector to inspect the home for them.

Most realtors will recommend to a new home buyer that they hire a licensed home inspector who will inspect every component of their new home to make sure everything is in good working condition. If you do not hire a licensed home inspector then you will have to do the inspection on your own. Are you going to go onto the roof to check it's condition? Will you crawl through the attic lookin at the air conditioner and other components in the attic. . Will you test every window, door, appliance, fixture, electrical outlet. Will you even recognize a defect when you see one? You need a professional home inspector to do that. Remember that most real estate contracts require that the seller deliver a house that has all its components in satisfactory condition. You need to make sure that everything is ok before you close.

3) The buyer thinks that the insurance requirements in Florida are the same as in there former state.

Mention a Wind Mitigation Inspection or a 4 Point inspection to a first time home buyer in Florida and they have no idea what you are talking about. However, without these inspections the new buyer will be ready to close on their home only to find out they cannot get insurance on their home because they did not have a Wind Mitigation Inspection or a 4-Point Inspection done. Besides talking to your realtor, one of the first things you should do is speak with an insurance agent. Buying insurance in many areas of the country is rather easy and has very little problems. Florida is no such state. If you want to get hurricane insurance you can not buy it unless you have a Wind Mitigation Inspection completed by a licensed inspector. You cannot get homeowners insurance on houses over a certain age unless you have a 4 Point Inspection done. These inspections are separate and distinct from a home inspection. You need to know what inspections your mortgage company and your insurance company require, and have those inspection done when you are having you home inspection done. Licensed home inspectors can perform these inspections when they are doing the home inspection.

Buyers frequently leave the purchase of insurance to be the last thing they do before closing, It should be one of the first things they do after consulting a realtor. Insurance agents can not bind coverage without certain inspections and those inspections and the reports that need to be generated cannot be done on the day of closing. They should be done in conjunction with the home inspection

4) The buyer fails to take into account the problems that the hot and humid weather of Naples may cause.

Naples is hot and humid for at least 6 months of the year. Many of the homes that are for sale are by people who only live in the home during the winter months. The homes sit vacant for half the year. If for any reason the AC should fail to function or there is some type of water intrusion or water leak mold will develop very quickly. The presence of mold is far more common in Florida than in other parts of the country, and this fact is frequently over looked by the new buyer. Having a mold inspection is something that should be considered by every Florida home buyer whether a new or old Florida resident. This has become even more important after hurricane Ian where many homes were without power and many sustained water intrusion into the home.

Securing Your Dream Home: How Jurney Home Inspections Helps First-Time Buyers in Naples, Florida

In conclusion, first-time homebuyers in Naples, Collier, and Lee counties often face unique challenges that stem from unfamiliarity with local regulations and conditions. As a home inspection company, Jurney Home Inspections can help these buyers navigate the complex process and avoid common mistakes. We offer a range of services, including standard home inspections, Wind Mitigation Inspections, 4-Point Inspections, mold inspections, and radon testing, to ensure that your new home is safe, compliant, and insurable. Our experienced and licensed professionals are dedicated to providing a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the property, ensuring that you can make an informed decision and enjoy peace of mind during your home-buying journey. By engaging our services early in the process, you can avoid last-minute surprises, secure the necessary insurance coverage, and confidently move forward with your new home purchase in sunny Naples, Florida.

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